Basic Sitting Fee $45

(individuals, engagement, or family groups up to 5 persons)
Includes up to 45 minutes of photography of one person, or one family group at my home. (If individuals of each family member are needed-please refer to extended session pricing.) This includes any primping, bribing, etc. You will have approximately 30 to 35 proofs to choose from.

Minimum purchase required (after sitting fee): $165 (excluding tax)

Senior Sitting Fee $50

Includes up to 4 changes of clothes. You will have approximately 40 to 50 proofs to choose from. If we take them somewhere besides my home, add $15 if within 15 miles of my home, if farther away, call for price.

Minimum purchase required (after sitting fee): $200 (excluding tax)

Extended Sitting Fee $55 and up

If you are interested in extended family photos, (grandma, cousins, individual pictures of each child, just the kids, just mom and dad, etc.) there will be an additional fee depending on location and number of people. This includes up to one hour of photography taken at my home.  You will have approximately 50 to 60 proofs to choose from.

Minimum charge for this type sitting fee is $55 and up
Minimum purchase required (after sitting fee): $205 (excluding tax)


*additional charge if taken elsewhere. Stillwater locations add $15 per sitting. Distances beyond, inquire.
**group size will determine additional fee. For example, a group of 15 will have a greater fee than a group of 6.
Sitting FeeMinimum OrderProofs to ViewClothing ChangesLocation # of people
 Basic $45 $165 30-35 0 Here* Up to 5**
Senior Fee $50 $200 40-50 4 Here* 1
Extended Basic $55 and up $205 50-60 0 Here* Up to 5**


*mounted on art board

SizePriceGallery Wrap 
PRINTS(other sizes available) inquire  inquire  
Wallets (set of 8) $12  n/a  
 4x6 PROOF-no edit  $5    


11x14*/16x20*/20x24* $50/$95/$160  inquire  
10x20*-one photo/storyboard $80/$125 inquire  
12x24*-one photo/storyboard $100/$145 inquire  
                 DIGITAL IMAGE PURCHASE      
10 images/15 images on USB $225/$285 inquire  
20 images/25 images on USB $350/$375 inquire  
over 26 images on USB $15/ea inquire  
less than 10 images on USB $30 ea  inquire  
special size request?  let me know! inquire    
any questions? please don't hesitate to ask!      



Gallery WrapsSizePrice
updated prices coming soon...   $


Holiday/Announcement Prints

Price includes white envelopes, 1 photo, 1 side, verse/text, and personalization.  All prints are 4x8--photographic paper.

available in sets of 25 updates coming soon
25 $40
50 $65
75 $85
100 $100



Press-Printed and Boutique Greetings (upon request)

Price includes white or parchment envelopes, up to 4 photos,2 sides verse/text, and personalization.  All prints are 5x7--press paper.

Available in sets of 25    includes white or cream envelopes
25 $50 press-print                $58 boutique
50 $87 press-print              $110 boutique
75 $120 press-print            $145 boutique
>100 $1.50/ea press-print $1.75/ea boutique



What form of payment do you accept?

Cash or checks.  Sorry, no credit cards or lay-away.  Sitting fee is due when portraits are taken.  50% of minimum purchase is required before proofs are posted or distributed.  Balance of minimum purchase is required when order is placed.  Balance is due when order is picked up.

When/How can I see my proofs?

Proofing: Included in your sitting fee is on-line proofing. If you prefer hold-in-your-hand (hard) proofs (4x6), there is an additional $25 fee/30 proofs. Proofs are usually ready in 7 to 10 days, either format. On-line proofs will be available for your viewing with a customer code. They will be posted for 21 days unless prior arrangements have been made. Re-posting fees may apply. Hard proofs are to be returned with order no later than 21 days unless prior arrangements have been made. The first half of the minimum purchase must be made before proofs are posted or viewed. The remaining half of the minimum purchase must be made when order is placed. Any remaining balance is due upon receipt of final order. Cash or checks only. Sorry, no credit cards or layaway.

Do you take passport or business card photos?

No.  Passport photos are available at many drugstores or discount stores for less than $10.

Can friends and family order from my proofs?

Yes, but unless they order at the SAME time, on the SAME order form, etc. they will need to pay the additional re-order fee. ($8 minimum fee) If the whole family wants to take advantage of your sitting fee, then they need to include their order with yours. The only people that will have access to your on-line proofs are the people that YOU choose to share your code with. You know how your family and friends operate. If they tend to procrastinate, you can remind them that unless they order with you, they will be charged a re-order fee. Please keep in mind that on-line proofs will be posted for 21 days unless prior arrangements have been made.

For further questions please visit the FAQ page.