Senior Portraits

…not everyone feels the same way about senior portraits. Some girls start planning their senior portraits in middle school, what they will wear, where they will take them, how they will pose. Some guys, on the other hand, don’t care if they ever take them. ("Just get them over with so my mom will quit bugging me about it!") Whether your senior is one of these, or somewhere in between, we should be able to painlessly and affordably make the whole family happy! That’s the goal…

Since we will be taking the portraits outside, the atmosphere is relaxed and the look is casual. If we take them at my place, no one will be watching (except maybe my 2 dogs----and even they tend to get bored) so there is no need to be embarrassed or intimidated. Guys--I won’t have you “girl” pose, and if you think you are in such a pose, let me know…For more information on what to wear and other tips, check out the FAQ section.

We'll be taking lots of photos (if YOU want) and you may have up to four changes of clothing. Proofs will be ready to view in 7-10 days. Sometimes it’s too difficult to choose just three or four portraits that capture your senior. I want you to be able to own all of the proofs you want without having to start another job, sell some of your other children, or forfeit your retirement plan. The Folio can be purchased for $50. This contains eight proofs or 4x6‘s. They can be any of the original proofs but it must contain six vertical poses and two horizontal poses. Albums are also available, if you can’t decide on just eight… See pricing for more details.